Saturday, August 23, 2014


It's not a different bed 
it's not a separate river
it's not an alien head 
nor another bitterness

It isn't the same 
bed you made it
it's the same 
bitter stream 
you been drowning 
in since waking 
up in it fuming 

By cavernous 
nostrils I was 
the first to help 
sweeten the water 
with the arctic wind

I hear you loud 
and clear, is it 
raining outside 
or is there 
an assembly of 
falling softly

You'll never get 
farther than around 
the corner from 
your own navel 
with that sort of 
talk you realize

No, I'm asking you 
to tune in to 
the radio rain 
and let us know 
which channel we'll 
all be melting on

That would be a frequency 
beyond your understanding

I'm outstanding in the acid 
rain and loving it

Is your impervious nature 
a suit of armor you bought 
or did you make it yourself
I wonder naked 

Why don't you try 
it on but handle with 
care since I sure did 
put in a lot of work 
on that outfit there

I feel invincible 
now, so that's what 
did it, power mad 
popes couldn't keep 
it hidden it's well written

My divine neo 
alpha manifests 
as a self correcting 
text, it's taken 
to be expressed
no less 

I get that
what else you got 
besides standing by 
a lot forgive me for 
I have lapsed big time 

It's nothing a father's face 
is easily forgotten
because even in the wind 
sand grains never settle

It's ain't nuthin' but
except I take it you're 
intermittent to say the least
and don't tell me, here to stay

I was long gone 
before I even arrived 
on this scene, well I 
just finished evaporating 
had to split inside you

Now I am beginning 
to see the light 
coming through 
my computer screen 
and I can say that it's good 

Now you're starting to get it 
my good boy and remember
don't fire until you see 
their Googley eyes

And to this day whenever 
I stare into a mirror 
I am at a total loss 
as to which one of 
these two I am

That is exactly 
how I planned it 
from the beginning 
I am finally starting 
to realize after all 
these years

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