Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Wrote This

Remember to breathe in through your face
and out through your ass.  Just kidding, this
is supposed to be serious.  Life, whatever. 
This blog.  My thoughts.  Circular breathing. 
Popular knowledge.  The inability to process.
Dumb asses.  See what I mean.  Curiously. 

Do we care.  If you have to.  Remember to
breathe in through your face and blow it out.
You know.  What I'm saying here in that 
voice you hear in your head when you read 
is that I'm right here with you in your ear. 
In a sense I've taken possession of you.

You're not scared yet but you should be.
I know it sounds like you but see, it's really me. 
You may think I'm a ghost in the machine,
but what I really am is a living demon. 
Recall the correct sequence or drop dead.
The joke's on both you and the poet.

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