Sunday, February 2, 2014

Map of Light

Cosmic micro wave 
back ground 
the ancient light 
on the sky 
when the universe 
was about three
hundred and  seventy
thousand years old. 

Today faint traces 
of this ancient light 
yet linger upon our 
eyes, and remarkably 
it appears not evenly 
spread out across 
our  universe. 

Extremely small 
in this shroud 
of light which 
make it appear 
to be clotted 
are in fact   
seeds from 
which grew 
the galaxies 
we see about 
ourself today. 

The universe
began as a hot
dense state
which initially
exploded outward
at a rate exceeding
that of the speed of light

Then it began
to cool even
as it continued
to expand

Now here
we are
to day

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