Wednesday, November 20, 2013

March Forth

for Gareth Griffin

March forth into the unknown because we're all doing it anyway.
Consider being given nothing a treasure,
and no one can take your good fortune away.
Why do they call it The Present? Because it's A Gift.

Don't Leave It Unwrapped or let it Collect Dust
or abandon it tossed in the corner, nor from misuse allow it to Rust.
Accept it with good grace and see it's all that's yours to Keep
and All the Rest, even your face, the knickknack paddywack pieces of your home,
will peel away like leaves of flesh falling off the bone.

Funny how material things will only fade away
and the Nothing you've been given is Freedom here to stay.
March Forth into the Unknown, it's really all you can do
Clearly an adventure with Something to gain and Nothing to lose

Peel Away the Fears that have collected over the years
like so many cancelled stamps, and you will find
what you thought were the bars of your own prison cell
had only built up in your mind.

The high temperature of your own private Hell
you set to broil and switched on yourself.
And what of the Scars from your X-degree burns?
Go out at night and stare at the Stars,
and think as you walk how the Earth still turns.

Then when you get home, Take A Look In The Mirror
Straight through the Eyes to your Heart.
It still yearns, does it not, and beats every night
even while you're sleeping.

So March Forth into the Blue, smiling evenly,
Stepping through light, untying the knot to ease the rope burns.
Still your thoughts, close your eyes to the hate,
Let it all go in a slow dissolution, Escape from the mold clamping into the quick
that is selling your soul getting old quick and the trick is to keep moving
or the walls will close in and the hallways will whisper
all of your sins can slip between cracks, take root and grow tangled
all around you, a cocoon of comfort called homespun numbness
mistaken for the crumbling fortress of dreams
when really nothing is as it seems

because we See what we Believe and we musn't forget
if we want to leave this Scene March Forth into the unfolding brand new dream
you make up while awake; this is nothing to shake a stick at
if you're Sick of It make a Break for It Right Now There Is No Time
like the Present, and you Know Tomorrow Never Comes,
so Throw Sorrow Out the Window and pick up your feet
to the rhythm of the sound of your own drums.

March Forth with the Brave and the Bold and you might find
You'll Never Grow Old; Learn to Unwind with Clear Open Eyes,
Realize you are breathing The Sky!

Marching Forth without Fear will erase the bad years
Keeping focus on the Gift close at hand.
Pick it Up from the corner, blow off all the dust
and with Trust, March Forth and Make Your Own Stand.


  1. I am going to use this in a card for my girlfriend because her favorite day of the year is March 4th. I love this. Thank you so so much.